History Of India

History of Coins, Stamps, Notes & Rulers of India

Collecting Stamps of India: The Best Way For a Middle Class Guy to Travel Across the Country Virtually!

When you belong to a middle class family and are living just to earn your salary and keep your family happy, there is very little chance that you will travel around. You would always be at home attending to your... Continue Reading →

Vijayanagara Empire History: Something That Every Indian Should Know About!

When we talk about Indian history, there are many aspects that will make us feel proud. I believe that each Indian on earth should have a fair idea about these glorious moments from our past. These moments, in a way,... Continue Reading →

The Role of Luck While Collecting Old Indian Coins

Luck is something that follows you if you are lucky enough. Who is going to win the next lottery is a question that nobody can answer exactly right. Same is the case when you are crazy about collecting old Indian... Continue Reading →

Facts about History of Madras Presidency that Very Few Know!

When you look back in history, there are many mysteries that very few might know about. Only when you take the effort to unfold it, would to be fascinated by how rich Indian history is. When India was under the... Continue Reading →

Types of Colonial Coins of India to look for as a Collector

India was one of the richest countries in the world before East India Company started getting involved in trade activities with the locals here. Since cotton and spices were found in large quantities in our country, foreign lands started eyeing... Continue Reading →

Tips for Collecting Rare Notes of India

There are different kinds of tips that experts have if you are interested in collecting Currency Notes in India. Firstly get to know about the governors of India along with the exact years when they served office. Once you have... Continue Reading →

Sikh History Reflects Their Generous Attitude Towards Humanity

We are exposed to all kinds of information on the internet. There are so many sources online that we are almost experiencing information overloading. With the advent of social media platforms like face book twitter etc, information is bombarded when... Continue Reading →

Turning Points in the History of East India Company!

The first things that come to your mind when you hear the words “East India” are the eastern states of India. So, East Indian Company would probably be a company that is set up in east India. But that is... Continue Reading →

History of Mauryan Empire was Written by Chandragupta and Chanakya!

Chandragupta Maurya was undoubtedly the greatest emperor in the History of Mauryan Empire or for that matter the history of India. He was the first ruler of the Mauryan empire, who combined the north and the south-west parts of present... Continue Reading →

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