3 Gold Coins of India from 3 Different Time Periods

Someone righty said “Old is gold”. There is something about old Indian coins that makes them so fascinating. Let’s take a look at three interesting gold Coins of India from different time periods. Gold Dinar of Chandragupta II These beautiful coins of India were struck by the Gupta Empire during the reign of Chandragupta II... Continue Reading →


Explore Chhatarpur State History and its Significant Events

At one point in time, there were 562 princely states in India which were governed and administered by various dynasties. Each princely state of India has a fascinating past and Chhatarpur state, located in present-day Madhya Pradesh, is one of them. Let’s take a look at some important events of Chhatarpur history. Early History Raja... Continue Reading →

Early History of Jodhpur Princely State

The Jodhpur Royal Family belongs to the Rathore clan of Rajputs. Their first ruler was Nayan Pal who established his kingdom in the Kannauj region of modern-day Uttar Pradesh in 470 AD. The kingdom flourished until the Afghan ruler Mohammad Ghori attacked Kannauj in 1192. Raja Jai Chand tried to escape but drowned while crossing... Continue Reading →

Kadambas of Banavasi and Their Origins

There are certain regions in South India that have a lot of historical significance but are not known to many people, and Banavasi history is one such chapter which is not very popular across India. Banavasi is a small region in present day Karnataka which was historically known by different names such as Vanavasa, Vanavasaka,... Continue Reading →

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