King George V: 1911 Controversial British Coins in India

Coins In India

In 1911, the British Government who was ruling the India presented new plan of the Silver Rupee coins in India. These Indian coins were issued to commemorate the crowning ordinance of the new British King – George V. The front side of these silver rupee Indian coins demonstrated the King with perfectly enriched robes. This coin is one of my most loved coins since its outline is particularly one of a kind. Until 1910, there were King Edward silver rupee coins available for use. This new plan presented after 10 years was sufficient to pull in the consideration of the Indians.

The Controversy and Rarity

The new outline of the coin was alluring in the principal look be that as it may; there was a gigantic contention among-st the Indians over this. The King George V looked extremely engaging on the coin notwithstanding; the enrichment which was utilized had a little elephant on it according to the British Government. Notwithstanding, the storage compartment of this elephant was not sufficiently smooth to look like a trunk. Rather it looked more like a “Pig”. Amid those days, Indians considered a Pig as something dreadful and terrible. Henceforth, this coin in India was rejected in business sectors by Indians as they trusted that it was not a decent sign. The rupee was additionally called as a “Pig Rupee” and the discussion is alluded as the Pig Issue.

The British Government additionally felt that having a Pig image on the King’s robe is not fitting. Subsequently, all such coins in India were pulled back from course and later dissolved. Out of the 9.4 million pieces struck at both the mints, just 7,00,000 were issued. The rest of the pulled back pieces were softened.

In the realm of numismatics, this is one of the rarest coins in the British India gathering. The 1911 rupee is otherwise called Type 1 in the realm of numismatists and different coins stamped between 1912-1936 are known as Type 2.


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