A Speak Peek into Burmese Issues of Indian Bank Notes


Indian Bank notes were utilized for the first time as a part of a different nation in 1935. In that year, the Government of India Act 1935 was shaped, separating the land of Burma from the organization of the Government of India.

Legitimate Tender in Burma Issues (1937)- KG V

5, 10 Rupees and 100 Rupees notes with the photo of King George V were overprinted “Legal Tender in Burma only” for use solely inside Burma in 1937. Despite the fact that the Government of Burma was isolated, the money related organization stayed under the Reserve Bank of India. The Notes were issued in two assortments with Red Overprint (on the Top) and with Black Overprint (In the focus) both front-side and turn around and were marked by JW.Kelly.

Reserve Bank of India ( Burma) Issues (first May 1938)- KG – VI

An arrangement of Indian Bank notes were issued in 1938 bearing the photo of King George VI in groups of 5, 10, 100, 1000 and 10000 Rupees. Issue of these notes was managed by the Reserve Bank of India, they were named Indian Currency Notes yet they their circulation was restricted to Burma and were marked by JB.Taylor. These are otherwise called peacock issues as they depicted a photo of peacock on them.

Military Administration of Burma Issues (first May 1945) – KG-VI

Amid the Second World War, Burma was involved by the Japanese. After its freedom in 1944, it was put under a military organization until 1946. Amid this period, Indian Bank notes with overprint “Military Organization of Burma/Legal Tender in Burma Only” were utilized as a part of flow. These notes are of 1, 5, 10 and 100 Rupees section and are marked by CD Deshmukh for 5 – 10 – 100 Rupees and by JB.Taylor for 5-100 Rupee issues as it were.

Burma Currency Board Issues (first July 1947) – KG-VI

In 1946, common government was reestablished in Burma, and the monetary organization was offered over to a “Burma Currency Board”. This board at the end of the day utilized the Indian Bank Notes with overprint “Burma Money Board/Legal Tender in Burma Only” for course inside Burma. These old banknotes of India are of 1, 5, 10 also, 100 Rupees group and are marked by CD.Deshmukh. The Reserve bank of India shut its operation in Burma in September 1946 and every one of the notes for Burma issues were pulled back on first June 1950.

Notes with these overprints regularly arrived in India where attempts were made by individuals to wipe out the overprints and utilize the note in India. In any case, when such endeavors were found, the separate notes of India were dealt with as mutilated and put unavailable for general use with the stamp “Burma Notes/ Installment Refused”.


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