And that’s how I fell in Love with Old Indian Coins!


I wouldn’t say that I am a numismatist or an expert, just getting to know the tricks. I am a normal guy working as a software engineer in Bangalore. But getting into the world of old Indian coins was my destiny maybe. It all started when I was at home, enjoying my Sunday, reading a book. My kids wanted me to take them to the park, but I was too lazy to do that. I thought of doing something that I had not done since years. Clean up my cupboard. And since my wife was out of town for a business visit, I had to do it all on my own.

So I moved my ass a bit, asked my kids to help me out clean that old cupboard of mine. The first few minutes went into arranging things and understanding which drawers had what. Then I happened to open a small drawer which I had not noticed ever before in my life. So when I opened it, I got the second biggest surprise of my life, the first one probably was the time when I got to know that I was going to be a father. So I told my 8 year old son to look at what I had found. We just stood there, exclaimed at our discovery – our mouths were wide open. So what was in there? A pile of Indian old coins! I picked one or two of them in my hands and did a finer inspection. Then it suddenly struck me that my grandfather used to collect them in his times. My son got even more excited and tried to grab all of them at one go. I stopped him, just because I thought they need to be handled with care.

What I did with my lucky collection of Old Indian Coins over the next few weeks is refreshing. My grandfather had managed to collect not just vintage British India coins, but also medieval coins like mughal coins, malwa sultan coins, Vijayawada coins and more. Most of these old Indian coins were made of copper and some of the mughal coins were struck in silver as well. So how do I know so much about these rare historical Indian coins? Well, after my discovery I started reading books on numismatics, learning about the history behind coinage. Every day after coming back from work, I would to take out at least half an hour to study the coins that I had with me. After I did my little study, I was eager to find out exact details of the ancient indian coins that I had. Just to be 100 percent sure, I contacted one of my school time buddies. He used to collect coins back in those days and I used to mock him for what he was doing. I pinged him on facebook and called him over for a cup of coffee. I showed him my collection and he was literally spell bound. He took out his magnifying glass and carefully started reading the inscriptions. He told me one by one about each coin and I fired my doubts at him.

Ever since that day, I have developed a keep interest for collecting old Indian coins.  In a way it has changed my life even though my wife has some problems with it. Now that I have to make some time for my new hobby, she has complaints. But really, after studying these old Indian coins, I have got back to knowing about India’s marvellous history.





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