After Collecting Indian stamps, I feel Proud to be an Indian


I remember those days when my dad used to get envelopes from his office with international stamps on them. I was maybe in the 2nd standard then and used to wait for dad to come back home, just to see which stamp he has got for the day. Sometimes, he also got home Indian stamps. Then I used to cut out the portion from the envelope where the stamps were stuck and dip in a glass of water. After a few minutes, I took them out and purged out the stamps from the envelope. After that, I used to put them out in the sun to dry. It was an exercise that I enjoyed doing a lot.

As I grew, I became fonder of stamp collecting. I had already collecting more than 300 stamps from various countries like UK, USA, Denmark, Holland, Germany etc. Then I started reading up on the illustrations that were printed on the stamps. I got to know different aspects about different countries with the help of stamp collecting. Be it science, history, geography, wildlife, or important personalities, I started reading up on whatever appeared on stamps.

After three or four years, I had made a huge collection of more than 900 stamps, I started exchanging them with other friends for stamps that I did not have. One day, one of my best friends showed me a beautiful stamps of Indian which had an image of the Taj Mahal. That was when I realised, that being an Indian I had not yet started building my collection of Indian stamps. I went to the nearest post office along with my pocket money and purchased all of the latest Indian stamps that I could. Slowly but steadily my collection of Indian stamps started growing! I had almost stopped collecting international stamps and concentrated completely on Rare Indian stamps.

Over a period of time, I realised that India is a world in itself, with so many cultures, traditions, historical monuments and much more. The more you learn about India, the more you get amazed. After collecting Indian stamps, I have changed the way I look at India now. So, in my free time when I sit back and look at my collection of Indian Stamps, I feel really proud to be an Indian.



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