East India Company History Illustrates How the Golden Sparrow was Caged by the British Raj

We all know that India was called the golden sparrow. We were one of the richest countries in the world which was known for cotton and spices. There are traces of foreign trade in ancient history as well. With the increase in trade, many countries eyed India for colonization. The history of India saw a big turn with the History of East India Company. With the kind of treasures that India had in those days, it slowly but certainly started becoming the honey pot for trade activities.


The company was originally formed to do trade with the East Indies but finally they started trading with India and China. They traded for cotton, silk, tea, opium, spices, salt, indigo dye etc. The History of East India Company rule in India begins from 1757. What started as trade, turned out to be a disaster for Indians later on. Many local rulers and freedom fighters gave a tough fight. Another important aspect of the East India Company History would be the 1857 revolt when courageous freedom fighters like Rani Lakshmi Bai came forward and sacrificed their lives for the nation. But the Company was victorious and India officially came under British administration in 1858. When you talk about East India company history, you would find many references on the internet and books which will give you a fair Idea as to how India was colonized slowly.

The major highlights of the history of British East India Company would be the setting up of Bombay, Madras and Calcutta presidencies. They started exercising their power on different regions of the country. After colonizing different parts of the country, the history of east India company speaks of various accounts when taxation was increased to obtain maximum profits. The history of east India company also talks about how they used the concept of divide and rule to increase their hold over the land.

After several years of atrocities, India was under the British Raj. Over the next 100 years many salient freedom fighters came to the forefront to fight for India’s Independence.


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