Old Indian Coins : A Sound Evidence For The Rich Indian History


There is something about old things that makes me go wow! Antiques sometimes live beyond their times and same is the case with Old Indian coins. There is no doubt that India has a vast history and archaeological findings have proved the fact in many instances. But what is history without any solid proof? Old Indian Coins is in a way the soundest evidence of the glorious events that took place in the rich chapters of Indian history. Indian Old coins not only come with names of emperors and rulers but also, many a times with dates. They act like a time stamp value for all major events that took place in the yesteryear’s.

Collecting old Indian coins is a passion for many. Some like collecting Mughal coins, others like collecting ancient coins. Each one has their own tastes and interests. The study of old Indian coins has a significant place in the world of Numismatics. Apart from that, coins also depict various motifs that were inspired from those times. These motifs are related to traditions, cultures and many different aspects. In a way, Indian Old coins give a preview of the lifestyle that people followed in those times. I can’t say that I am a proficient numismatist; I am only learning the tricks of the trade. Also I don’t really see this as an investment opportunity. Getting to know the depths of Indian history is my only motive behind collecting old Indian Coins.  Also due to my new hobby, I sometimes get a chance to meet experts from the domain and discuss various interesting aspects about coinage.

There is no end really, it is a sea out there, it’s totally up to you how much you are willing to get wet or take a complete plunge fearlessly. So get going and start building your set of old Indian coins.


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