Explore the Colours Of Bharat Through Stamps of India


India is a country which has a diversified culture and tradition. Everything from fashion to language, every state adds its own flavor to the country’s heritage. Stamps of India clearly portray this aspect beautifully. Apart from lifestyle, there are various other factors which make India stand out from the rest of the world.  Stamps of India also showcase these interesting dimensions like wildlife, history, important events, personalities and much more.

The stamps of India that were issued before independence mostly depicted a portrait of Queen Victoria, King George and other rulers. Post independence various commemorative stamps of India were released celebrated noted personalities like artists, scientists, industrialists, politicians, freedom fighters and more.  By indulging yourself in philately one can learn about various aspects of a country. The first Indian Stamps that were issued after independence depicted the Indian tricolour signifying freedom from the British Raj. Of you love collecting rare stamps of India

then you can try collecting stamps of many interesting themes. Make a target of completing a set. Visit the post office and check out the latest stamps of India that have been released. Every year on children’s day a nationwide competition is held where kids from all over the country participate in a painting competition. The winner’s design is chosen as the stamp design for that year.

Did you know a series of stamps of India also have depicted our own canine friends. Some of them have celebrated important archaeological findings as well. Freedom fighters like Tilak, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh have also been dedicated with special commemorative issues. World famous monuments from the medieval and ancient times have also been depicted on stamps of India. So if you want to learn about char minar, Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal etc, start with first collecting stamps and then indulge in getting into the depths of history.


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