Maratha History Great Warriors


There are many aspects of history that are exciting to learn about. Schools and educational institutions only show you one side of the coin. There are many secrets hidden in history which you would know about only if you take the effort and reach the depths by plunging in completely. India has had a glorious past with flourishing empires and powerful emperors. Each empire and dynasty had their own contributions towards history of India. Similarly, History of Maratha is also a subject that is very interesting. Maratha history is mainly known for the warrior king Shivaji who is honored and respected for all his victories and smooth administration.


Maratha history or the Maratha Empire flourished from 1674 to 1818. They first established the Hindavi Swarajya and in the 17th century, history of Maratha is highlighted by the rule of Shivaji Maharaj who is also known as the father of the Maratha Empire. At an earlier point in the history of Maratha, Pune was declared as the capital of the empire. The first fort owned by the Marathas was the Shivneri fort. He fought against the Adil Shahi dynasty. He killed Afzal Khan in 1659, which is considered to be the one of the most important events in the history of Marathas. He created an empire with Raigad as its capital. The Maratha Empire at its time of glory extended from Adaman and Nicobar in the west, Bengal in the east, Tamil Nadu in the south and Peshawar in the north.   One of the major events from the Maratha history was their loss to Ahmad Shah Abdali, in the Third Battle of Panipat which prevented the empire’s expansion into present day Afghanistan. At Shivaji lost against Aurangzeb in 1666 and was arrested.  In 1674, Shivaji was officially termed as Chhatrapati through a coronation ceremony. Shivaji’s son, Sambhaji was captured by Aurangzeb and was executed.

It is always exciting to explore the depths of Maratha history which is known for its unique warfare techniques and brave warriors.




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