Why Coins of India are Highly Sought after around the World


The marketplace for coins of India has seen a considerable boom in the recent past. There are many aspects about coins of India that make them so desirable. Every now and then you might come across auctions that sell ancient Indian Coins at unimaginably high prices. Not just ancient coins, several medieval coins in India have also fetched handsome returns. One such example is an Aurangzeb gold mohur that was sold for 1 lakh rupees.

Not just in India, many foreign auctions have been selling coins of India. Experts state that India has a very rich history and even the world’s first coins were minted here. Punch-marked coins are the oldest forms of coins which were not round in shape. They were rectangular and its value depended on the intrinsic value of the metal. Weight standards were followed from ancient times. Ratti was considered to be the smallest unit of weight. It was a red coloured seed which had a persistent weight. When coins of India, in a way introduced coinage to the world, they are renowned in the field of numismatists.

Apart from that coins from various ancient janapadas speak volumes about India’s magnificent history. Coins of India belonging to the Gupta period were considered to be some of the most beautiful ones. These coins depicted various elements from nature like the sun, animals, horses etc. Later on, portraits of emperors were inscribed on coins of India. After one point in history, you will find coins which also had dates inscribed on them.  Even medieval coins of India that were issued under famous warrior kings like Shivaji are researched about in the world of numismatics. Akbar the great had issued Indian Coins featuring the Hindu gods Ram and Sita. Jehangir also had an artistic inclination and issued coins based on the sun signs.

It is an ocean out there, if you want to explore about coins of India. Even coin has a story behind it which makes it even more special.


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