Feed Your Curiosity by Studying Stamps of India

stamps-of-indiaMany people wonder ‘what’s the real fun in philately’! There are some things that you need to experience to understand. The same is the case with collecting stamps of India. As a kid I was always interested in learning about different cultures of different countries. But like everyone else, I never liked reading textbooks. One fine day I met a friend who liked collecting Indian stamps and that’s when I got hooked on to it big time. Whenever I got a chance I used to collect stamps of India. I also was lucky build a small collection of international stamps. My dad used to get international covers from his workplace and I used to build my own collection based on different themes.

As I started growing older, my love for stamps of India started growing stronger. It was through the study of these stamps that I realized how beautiful our country is. There is so much to explore. From nature, to historical places to scientific inventions, India has always something interesting to offer. If you take some time out to explore India Stamps, you would realize what I am talking about. After pursuing my passion for 30 long years, I managed to collect over thousand stamps of India that throw light on various aspects of our country. The most beautiful ones that I have with me are I think the ones that depict various migratory birds on them. Once I add a new stamp to my collection, I look at it for a few minutes, immerse myself into its design and then start reading up about the picture that’s depicted on them.

I can proudly say that after collecting Indian stamps, I have improved by general knowledge to a great extent. Today, I also encourage my kids to collect stamps as I have been in their shoes and understand how textbooks can be so boring. In fact I also think that the education system of India should start teaching students about stamps of India so that they inculcate a curious attitude towards learning new things.




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  1. I like your Indian postal stamps collection, and your blog is very nice.
    Thank you so much for sharing your information.


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