What’s the fun in collecting Antique coins of India?


We live in a modern world where everyone leads a super busy life. Time flies at a rate that you wouldn’t even realize it. Technological advancements have made implementing various futuristic ideas seem to be a piece of cake. But when all this happens, one should not forget about our own roots. It is only with the study of past can be analyze if we are headed in the right direction. Understanding history thus becomes as important as science and technology. Unless you analyze where you came from, you will not be able to plan where you want to head. There are different ways of understanding history. One is the traditional way of reading up textbooks and other research books that have been written by famous historians. The other way is to get into numismatics and archaeology.

I myself love collecting antique coins of India, just because I get a chance to go back in time and understand various interesting aspects about history. When it comes to antique coins of India, it is a big ocean out there. There is so much to explore that you would actually wonder where to start. If you want to go with the actual terminology of rare coins of British India, you could go back to the pre historic times, and then to the ancient times when the first coins of the world were actually minted on the Indian subcontinent. While collecting antique coins of India, I unintentionally started researching about the various empires like the mauryan empire, the Gupta empire etc. These empires are known as mahajanapadas. I personally own a collection of rare coins of British India with some Gupta period coins.   Apart from that, I also have some copper coins minted at the Lahore mint by Akbar. Some of my friends ask me what I get out of collecting antique coins of India. All i do is smile and reply saying, you will have to start collecting antique coins of India to understand the kind of fulfilment you get out of it.

Don’t wait. Start collecting right away. The world of antique coins of India is waiting to be explored!


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