How I Fell In Love With History Of Mauryan Empire

As a kid I never liked attending school. I would always look at the playground outside and wonder when I would get a chance to play some soccer with my friends. After growing up now, I realize that the education system in India has not been creative at all. The usual mugging up of text books will not lead us anywhere.

Now I am 40 years old and for some odd reason I started falling in love with history, particularly History of Mauryan empire. For the past few months, I have


been continuously reading about History of Mauryan Empire. In fact, the last weekend I visited the library and picked up books written by popular histories who have elaborately written about Mauryan empire history . I feel really sad, when I look back at the way my history teacher taught me. She would turn up and simply read what was written in the textbooks. She probably even knew that most of her students, including me were sleeping. Given a chance, I would love to go to schools and teach kids about Mauryan History, which is actually so much more exciting to read. There are so many famous emperors which belong to the Mauryan empire who have won major battles. It is during this period when India became economically stable and also flourished culturally. I personally think that each and every Indian should know the important facts about the History of Mauryan empire.

The internet has grown exponentially. You would easily find all that you want to know about  Mauryan empire history . You only have to take some efforts on your own and dedicate some hours for it. Rather than wasting your time doing anything else over the internet, you should ideally be researching about History of Mauryan empire so that you feel proud to be an Indian. I wished someone from the government also took efforts to redefine the educational system in India and make the process of learning history more interesting.


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