How History of British East India Company Shunted Growth Of India

Most of us Indians, being hardcore patriots, have a lot of angst against the events that took place in the East India Company History. Yes, there is no doubt about the fact that we became slaves under the British Raj and that all of it germinated in the history of East India Company. While studying the history of India, no historian can forget about the contribution of the east India company history at all.


It all started with trade after the Portuguese landed on the coasts of south India. It was almost like a wooing a child with a stick of lollipop. Traders started getting too friendly with Indians and slowly started taking undue advantage of them. India, in those days was probably one of the richest countries in the world. Spices, cotton, rice and other such resources were abundantly available. The major highlight of the history of British East India Company would be the growing trade activities once the sea routes were established to connect this part of the world with Europe. Slowly the company started imposing taxes on the Indians and started looting them.

The 1857 uprising was considered to be one of the greatest revolts in the East India Company history. Many brave freedom fighters fought fearlessly to break free from the British regime. The revolt was successful which led to the dissolution of the East India Company and the rearrangement of the British army. After the revolt though, India was directly governed by the crown as the new British Raj. The East Indian Company history also talks about how they used the technique of divide and rule to create unrest and communal hatred amongst the Indians.

If you were to take out some positives from the history of East India company, then that would be centralised and organised administration, development of transport ways, British architecture etc. But, all that definitely cannot outweigh the negatives of East India Company history!


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