Study Ancient Coins of India and Understand History Like Never Before!

There are many ways to get in to the depths of history. One way is to read books written by famous historians. The historical events that are explained by these historians are based on hardcore research. Where do these historians find their sources for conducting their research? They again rely on other material that is available in specific books and on the internet. Some of these facts are passed on from one generation to the next through narratives. Some are accounted for, some are not. How can we be hundred percent sure that these facts are authentic? That is where study of Ancient Coins of India comes into the picture. By studying about old Indian coins, one gets closer to various aspects of history. Why? Because most of these ancient coins of India are discovered by the means of various excavations.


Archaeology takes a more scientific approach towards learning history. It relies on evidence, rather than narratives, legends or random stories. When these old Indian coins are examined closely, scientists can accurately derive at the approximate age of the coin. Even though ancient coins of India did not feature dates on them, various investigations like carbon dating help researchers to find out the age of the coin. Old coins depicted various motifs, from elements inspired by nature to portraits of kings, legends and more. By learning in depth about the inscriptions on old Indian coins, one can understand various aspects of that time period. Many a times, it is these coins that help historians exactly frame the dynasties and the successions. Many old coins also started featuring the year of issue apart from the name of the issuer, which makes them a more authentic source for understand history.

Historians and archaeologists always debate to find out who is superior. But the fact remains that when history is backed by sound evidence that is collected by studying ancient Indian coins, you can for yourself analyze who is the true winner!




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