My Tryst with Antique Coins of India

What is the real definition of a hobby? It is something that we humans pursue to relieve stress and indulge in a fun. It helps us forget our worries and focus on something that we enjoy doing. Apart from pastimes and entertainment, hobbies slowly became a major part of our lifestyles. There are different things that different people do. Some like to play a sport, other play an instrument. Similarly collecting antique coins of India was something I slowly fell in love with. I was a very average student. Being from a middle class family, there was always this daunting pressure of performance. All eyes are on you on the day when the results are out. No matter how much you scored, it always came down to comparing my marks with that of my friends.

Then one fine day, my grandfather started living with us. And things changed for the better. I was introduced to antique Indian coins, just because of my grandfather. You can call it a family treasure as these antique Indian coins were handed over to him by his father. None of them were gold coins, but he showed me 5 silver and 3 copper antique coins of India. There was something about these ancient coins of India that caught my attention.


I took them with me in my room and started gazing at them for hours together. Then I went back to my grandfather and requested him if I could keep the antique Indian coins with me. He said yes, but only under one condition. He asked me to study the coins, know their history and the stories behind them. I accepted the challenge. I wanted to badly own those lovely antique coins of India. That night, Grandpa explained each and every fact about all those antique coins of India. I listened to him carefully and was keen to know more and more.

My life changed from the next morning onwards! Thanks to grandpa, I have something to pursue passionately!



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