Here is why I started Collecting Antique coins of India!

Each one of us is crazy about something or the other. Some are into sports, others like to stay at home, read a book or watch TV. Some are the outgoing types who always look for an opportunity to plan a trip somewhere. Collecting coins is another such hobby that’s not very popular maybe, but nevertheless is very engaging and interesting. I and a few of my friends have been collecting antique coins of India since 5 years now and trust me, the journey has been an enriching one!


You might wonder what is so exciting about collecting antique coins of India. I would say that you will find out the answer when you yourself start falling in love with antique coins of India. The best thing is that you become so much more aware about your country’s rich history. Things that your history teacher probably never taught you! Some people collect antique coins of India just because it might fetch you a lot of money later on. Yes, antique coins of India have a lot of demand, not only in India but internationally as well. Every now and then you might hear of antique coins of India that are being sold for very high prices during auctions all over the world. But, I am not like the ones who collect these coins just for investment purposes. There is something very intriguing about these coins that make me want to pursue this hobby. When I meet other fellow coin collectors, we have a great time discussion various aspects like history, inscriptions, legends, emperors, coin designs etc. The more you learn about these lovely Antique India Coins, the more you feel like learning even more and get into the depths.

Some of my friends and family members think it is a total waste of time, since I am not really keen on making a lot of money out of this hobby. But all I want to tell them is that it is much better than at least whiling away your time, watching TV or chatting with your friends.


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