Aspects about the Sikh History that Every Indian Should Know

India is blessed to be one of the very few countries in the world where several indigenous ethnic groups have been thriving and surviving since ancient times. Over centuries India has been a land where people belonging to different religions and castes have been residing in harmony. That’s the reason why foreign tourists flock down in great numbers every year to take a closer look at our rich and diversified traditions. The Sikh community is one such sect that has made India proud on several occasions. It was in 1707 that the Sikh empire flourished under the regime of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. We can say that Sikh History was shaped after the death of the Mughal emperor Aurangazeb.

Another prominent figure of the Sikh Empire was Banda Singh Bahadur. He was a strict follower of Guru Gobind Singh and refused to convert to Islam. He fought in several battles and helped in propagating the religion and the Sikh empire. When we talk about history of Sikh, one should not forget about Nawab Kapur Singh, under whom, the Sikhs revolted by attacking government treasuries. He was also the man who established Dal Khasla which is an army of veterans and youngsters.


This is considered to be a major move in the history of Sikh. It was Maharaja Ranjit Singh who founded the Sikh Empire. The empire stretched from the Kashmir mountains to the Suleiman mountains. The Sikh history saw a downfall after the death of this mighty king. The power of the Sikh empire lasted only for 10 more years under the regime of other weaker kings. After the Second Anglo-Sikh War in 1848-49 CE, the region was ruled by the British East India Company.

Even though you don’t belong to a certain community or sect, I think that it is very important to learn different aspects of other religions and empires, being an Indian. That is the reason why I thought of shedding some light on the Sikh empire and history of Sikh.


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