History and origin of Indian old coins

Have you ever wondered how and when currency was invented? How did transactions happen back in pre-historic days? Man was initially self sufficient and was dependent majorly on hunting for survival. But since he is a social animal, he had to live in colonies and a groups of people started living together. Initially they were not concerned about anything but shelter and food. But as the society started growing, their needs started increasing as well. Cultivation and agriculture also came in after a very long time. Everyone was not capable of cultivating everything. The first means of transacting was exchanging goods. This was called the barter system.


Some experts believe that Indians were among the first ones who minted coins. That is the reason why Indian old coins have a special place in the coin market. Many dealers are making a living of trading ancient coins of India. The value of Indian old coins not only depends on its rarity but also its condition. For example if you have a coin which is more commonly found, then they are not valued at a high price. It also depends on the demand for that particular ancient Indian coin in the market.

Punched-marked coins are supposedly the ancient Indian coins that were first minted in the world. They were made of silver and its denomination was equal to the intrinsic value of the metal. Ancient coins of India also include coins that were minted during various ancient eras and janapadas. Some other experts debate that the Chinese were the first ones to mint coins. Some vedic scripts also have mentioned something about currency which reinstates that Indian old coins were probably the first ones to be minted in the world. No matter who invented coinage, the matter of the fact is that human beings started becoming more and more civilised after that. Can you imagine people still trying to follow the barter system to buy anything that they want? For example what would you give someone who is buying an expensive car from you?


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