Muhammad Ghori History, Sultan of the First Muslim Kingdom in India

I was never so keen on learning history in my school days, I was rather interested in science and related subjects. In fact I did my graduation in Science. But there is something about history that caught my eye. I was reading up on Mughal history in an article on the internet that almost instantly fell in love with it. I started reading about the famous rulers like Akbar, Jehangir etc and got hooked onto it completely. After understanding some aspects about Mughal history over a few months now, I started trying to learn about Muhammad Ghori History.

If you are someone who likes history, then Muhammad Ghori History will surely fascinate you. There are some very interesting events that took place in the history of Muhammad Ghori which you will want to know more about. Muhammad Ghori was one of the greatest sultan of Ghurid Empire and also the ruler of the Ghurid Empire from 1202 to 1206. He was the one who is responsible for initiating Muslim rule in South Asia for more than 100 years. He ruled modern-day Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.


This is one of the most important facts about the history of Muhammad Ghori. After capturing Ghazni in 1173 he started entering northern India. He also helped his brother Ghiyath to take over Khorasan in Western Asia. He captured Multan from the Hamid Ludi dynasty in 1175 and Ghaznavid principality of Lahore in 1186. In 1202, he headed the Ghurid Empire and ruled until he was killed in 1206. His conquests actually founded the Muslim rule in India. Qutbu l-Din Aibak, a former slave under him was the first Sultan of Delhi.

Now after reading so much about Muhammad Ghori history, I realised that Mughals were not the first to build Muslim kingdoms in India, but the Ghgori Empire led by muhammad ghori was.


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