What Makes Me Want To Collect Stamps of India?

If I were to answer the question “why I collect stamps of India”, then I don’t have a solid reason really. There is nothing that can clearly explain my passion for collecting Indian stamps. Most of us have a hobby that we indulge ourselves in to get rid of stress from our lives. Some pursue gardening others stick to reading a book or listening to music. Similarly, there is something about collecting rare Indian stamps that makes me want to do it for a lifetime.

The best part about collecting Indian stamps is that there are various themes that can be followed. That’s probably because there is so much to talk or explore about India. From history, to traditions, culture, scientific innovations and more, every aspect about India is colourful. Doesn’t matter where your true interest lies, by collecting stamps of India, I have understood some facts about our country, which otherwise I would have never come across.

When I started doing this as a small kid, I always looked for opportunities when I could find some unique stamps. First, I used to get excited about Gandhi stamps as well. When I collected many of them, I started looking for variety. I did some research and got to know that India has had a history of issuing some lovely stamps after independence. I don’t know why, I like all the Children’s Day stamps only for the fact that their designs are selected on the basis of the outcome of an all India level Children’s Painting Competition. It is definitely a novel initiative, involving the young minds of India to design a national level postage stamp.

Apart from that, I am a science graduate and I love collecting stamps that feature a scientific invention or renowned scientists of India. Most stamp collectors don’t just simply collects stamps, they take out time and read up about the illustrations depicted on the stamps they collect. Each one has their own reason for collecting rare Indian stamps.


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