Types of Indian Notes that people like collecting

Notaphily is the term given to the study of banknotes and there are many collectors of banknotes all over the world who have different interests. I started collecting Indian Notes five years back and ever since then obtaining Rare notes of India has been my passion. Many people ask me why I like collecting Indian Notes. Frankly, I don’t have a special reason really. There is something about currency note in India that fascinates me.

As a child I used to maintain a piggy bank for collecting pocket money. Most of them were coins but sometimes I used to fill it with Indian Notes as well. I used to buy chocolates mostly, but then started looking at the serial numbers of the Indian notes. Very recently I started noticing that there are many fancy numbers that appear on currency note in India. For example all 1s or all 2s. I started getting obsessed with collecting these special rare banknotes. I looked for them wherever possible. I searched on the internet and realized that collecting banknotes is a hobby that many follow. Then I started joining online communities of people who collect Indian Notes. That is how I started talking to people who are into collecting currency note in India. Then I started understanding this new world. Each collector has his or her own special interest. There are many who are crazy about collecting the series 786.  There are some who like collecting rare banknotes of foreign countries. No matter where your interest lies, it definitely helps you connect with a lot of people. After 2 years of collecting Indian banknotes, I started falling in love with east India company issues. I started doing my own research whenever I found time. I used to get bored, thinking of what to do in my free time. Now there is always something to keep my mind occupied.

Collecting Indian Notes has become a real good stress buster for me!


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