Some Unknown Facts about Mughal History

Many of us are only aware about historical events that were taught to us in school. But the real fact is that there is much more to explore. One shouldn’t be constrained to the textbooks and should read about other point of views. Most times, historians are biased about certain personalities and would want to depict some events or characteristics that favour their personal opinions. Similarly, Mughal History to the common public is restricted to the emperors like Akbar, Shahjahan etc. But the matter of the fact is that the history of mughal has many more interesting and controversial aspects that many are not aware about.


I started researching about Mughal empire history some two years back and realised that it is really fascinating. Many would want to debate that history of mughal empire is about how a Hindu nation was attacked and invaded by Muslim rulers. But invasions have been a part of history from around the world since centuries and Indian mughal history is just another example. If you were to analyse that way, then the Greek invaded most parts of the world. It is only now, that countries are formed and boundaries have been defined making invading a country not as easily as it was in those days. Another unknown fact about the history of mughal is that the first Indian rupee was introduced by Sher Shah Suri. Experts have always advised to not go by the conventions when it comes to accumulating knowledge. You might not find such kind of facts about Mughal history in general books that are available in the market, you will have to dig a bit deeper.

The most important quality that any researcher possesses is patience. I was always restless to know interesting facts and believed in stories that were presented to me or the ones that I found more easily. It was only after I started doing my research about Mughal empire history, that I started uncovering some untold stories!


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