Visit Historical Monuments or Read about Kushan Empire History this New Year!

The New Year is just around the corner and everyone is planning their vacation or a long trip. There are many places in Indian that you can visit. The younger generation is fonder of more happening places like pubs and clubs in the cities. But how about celebrating your yew year this time in a new way? India also has a very rich history and that’s why there are many historical places that you can explore this time for a change. I recently got a chance to visit Delhi and Agra and was awestruck when I looked at the beautiful Mughal archaeological wonders. After that visit, I started reading a lot about history. Currently I am fascinated by history of Kushan Empire.


There are so many aspects about kushan empire that will truly amaze you. I think that it was one of the most prosperous empires that prevailed in India. It was when art and literature blossomed. When I started getting into the depths of kushan empire history I started realising how rich India was. If it was not for the mughal invasions, we would have been much richer I suppose. But invasions have been a part of history since ancient times. Apart from that, a lot of insights about kushan empire history can be found out by studying coinage of this era. The motifs and inscriptions on kushan empire coins will describe various aspects of the culture and traditions in those days. Thousands of kushan empire coins have been excavated at various sites which have been documented and catalogued. Some of the gold coins that were issued in the kushan empire can actually fetch you a lot of money.

So what’s your New Year plan then? Why go out anywhere else when you can explore some historical places of India this New Year!


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