Maratha History took Me to a Different World!

 There are many aspects about Indian history that are fascinating. Maratha History is one of them. There are several documentaries and films that have beautifully shown the history of Maratha. It is not just Maharashtrians who admire the great warrior – Shivaji Maharaj. Many historians all over the world have extremely high regards about him, for his brave fights, endeavours and conquests.

As a kid I was introduced to some interesting events from the history of Marathas in the 7th standard I guess. I have faint memories of my history teacher, because she was very sweet and also had a very interesting method of teaching the subject. Unlike other teachers, she was very expressive and spoke in a way that I used to imagine all the events in my head, almost like watching a movie! I was so intrigued by Maratha history that I not only used to keep asking more and more doubts but also used to come back home and read more about it. After a point I started borrowing other books from the school library as well.


To my surprise, I found out that our text books did not mention several important aspects about the history of Maratha. I started living in a different world altogether when I was reading those extra books from my library. Before going to bed, I used to think about all the unique techniques that were used by the Maratha warriors. Even in other countries, Maratha History is known for their guerrilla warfare techniques. Everything was presented only in a gist in our textbooks, and there was a lot more to explore. I encouraged my friends to read those books, many backed out, but many were hooked on to it.

One side-effect of what happened to me in the 7th standard was that I started neglecting other subjects. But I have no regrets, because I started pursuing history more passionately and improving my knowledge.


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