Indian Coins Were Among the First Coins of the World

Nobody can do without money. The more money you have, the more you spend and the more you want to earn. Ever wondered how we survived before money was introduced in the society? What did people do for buying and selling things? Barter was the means of transaction in ancient times. Suppose you want wheat and you produced milk from your own cattle. Then a certain amount of milk would fetch you a certain amount of wheat in return. The problem with this was that there were no standards set. How and what would define the amount of milk that your could be exchanged with the amount of wheat?  That was when coins were probably invented by some really intelligent guy. Experts state that Indian Coins were some of the earliest coins that were struck in the world. Apart from these ancient Coins Of India, some experts believe that the Greek were the first ones to introduce the concept of coinage. No matter who they were, one thing is for sure, life changed for the better after that.


Earlier when Coins of India were hand-struck, its value was equal to the intrinsic value of the metal. Weight standards were used to measure the coin’s weight. Very few would know that the red coloured ratti seeds were used as the standard unit of weight for producing Coins Of India. Some historians also say that coins were introduced much before that, right from the times of the Harappan civilization. But the artefacts that were discovered at the excavation sites do not have sound evidence as to whether they were actually coins. So technically, most of the experts believe that Indian coins were the first coins of the world. Many kinds and dynasties after that issued Coins Of India featuring different motifs using different metals like silver, gold, copper etc.

Looking at the way how technology has advanced now, and with the advent of cashless transactions, you never know Indian Coins might soon become extinct as well!




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