Learning About Kushan Empire History and Ancient India – Need of the Hour!

I always wondered why is it that when we talk about Indian history, we only stress on the medieval era or the independence struggle. There is a lot more to Indian history than just that. It is an ocean out there that is left to be explored. The text books that children read today talk almost nothing about ancient history. And I strongly feel that schools should teach more about topics like the history of Kushan Empire. Very few of us know how glorious Kushan Empire history is.  Unless these aspects are taught to young kids, how would they start appreciating the land where we were all born on? Yes, I do think that with time everything evolves, today nobody has time to even take a look at what happened in the past. Nevertheless, if you put a little effort and time then you would know how great India is.


Experts state that the Kushan Empire was founded by a Yuezhi confederation or probably has Iranian roots. It is considered to be one of the biggest empires that were established in Ancient India competing with the greatest empires all over the world! The Kushan Empire stretched from Afghanistan to most of India. It was so powerful that many historians have mentioned in their research works that it maintained diplomatic relations with the Roman Empire, Persia, China etc. One of the greatest emperors of the history of Kushan Empire was Kanishka. Under this great king’s regime, the Kushana Empire saw its heights. History of Kushana Empire can also be studied by studying coinage from this era. Apart from Kanishka, other rulers also issued coins under their regime. Gold coins that were minted in the Kanishka Empire fetches great value even today in auctions.

This is just a gist of the mighty Kushan Empire. If you were to dig deep down into it, you would find many more fascinating aspects about it.


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