One of My Favourite Colonial Coins that I lost and Found!

History of India can be briefly classified as ancient India, medieval India and Colonial India. Ancient India is referred to the times of Mahajanapadas like Magadha, Maurya etc. Then came the medieval period which consisted of the Mughals, Marathas etc. The colonial India history is considered to be the times when India was colonised under the Portuguese, British etc. By studying coinage that existed during these time periods one can clearly understand various aspects. It is definitely an interesting way to understand the depths of history by studying about antique coins of India. Numismatics or the study of coinage in India is not very popular, but history on the other hand is extremely rich.


Different collectors have their own interests. Some like to collect ancient coins while others like colonial coins. My uncle used to collect colonial coins from a very long time. It was from him that I started collecting antique coins of India as well. The first coin that I borrowed from him was a 10 rupee queen Victoria coin issued in 1854. I was amused and excited to know that one of the colonial coins that was used so many years back. Very soon though, I lost interest and totally forgot about the coin that was gifted to me. Upon my uncle’s next visit, I started feeling uneasy. I searched throughout my house, but was not able to find one of my uncle’s favourite colonial coins from his collection. I really felt bad for my carelessness and told myself that I will never lose a coin again in my life. My uncle at first was upset, but then he smiled. He took out the same coin from his pocket! He told me that he started collecting colonial coins when he was at my age and wanted me to know the importance or fun of coin collecting.

Ever since then, I started collecting many antique coins of India and kept them safely in my personal drawer.



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