Has the hobby of collecting Indian Coins lost its original charm?

With it comes to coinage all over the world, Indian Coins are considered to be one the supreme ones. Just like Greek coins or roman coins, Indian coins have a lot of historical significance. If you were to look at auctions that keep happening all over the world, the ancient coins section will definitely have some lovely collections of Indian coins. Over the past several years the market for ancient coins including coins of India has grown to the next level. This can be studied to the appreciation value of coins that are sold by various auction houses throughout the world.


A few years back, coin collection was only considered to be a hobby, but today it has turned into a lucrative business. Suppose you purchase some rare coins of India today, you will definitely make some handsome money a few years down the line. Coin experts and dealers have a strong network within the country and with the advent of internet the world has definitely become a very small place to live in. There are several social media platforms which you can use to your advantage for networking with collectors from foreign countries. So investing in Indian coins is a very good idea indeed. The only drawback with what has happened over the years is that the hobby has turned merely into a money making business. It has lost its true charm of understanding the history behind the coins, value what you have with you and get your coins exchanged with other collectors.

When I visit coin exhibitions today, I find very few people who are actually inclined to learn the history behind Indian coins. I think for the hobby to survive, there needs to be the right mix of education that needs to be provided for new collectors. It is necessary to make them fall in love with the hobby than making it just a means of making some quick bucks!


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