History of Mauryan Empire was Written by Chandragupta and Chanakya!

Chandragupta Maurya was undoubtedly the greatest emperor in the History of Mauryan Empire or for that matter the history of India. He was the first ruler of the Mauryan empire, who combined the north and the south-west parts of present day India into one state. It was in the year 324 BCE that he started ruling as the emperor. He retired in 297 BC and enthroned his son Bindusara as the next emperor. There are very few emperors like him who helped define the history of India. The most significant events in the history of Mauryan empire are the defeat of Alexander’s eastern satrapies and Alexander’s successor Seleucus 1 Nicator. Chandragupta also married Seleucus’s daughter and strengthened his bonds with the western empires. This also helped in flourishing trade relations with the western empires.


Another important personality in the Mauryan history is Chanakya. Chanakya was the mastermind behind various political and economical reforms that took place in those days. He developed Arthshastra, based on which Chandragupta governed most parts of present day India. Centralised administration and well-thought political strategies helped in making history of Mauryan empire extremely successful. Even today, many ideologies of Chanakya are being practiced in modern politics all over the world. If you search for Quotes and sayings of Chanakya on the internet, you would be surprised to find out some really interesting ones that convey the harsh truths of life in a very hard-hitting way. Chandragulta Maurya also welcomed several social and religious reforms in India. When we talk about the Mauryan Empire history, one cannot really miss out on the emergence of Jainism and Buddhism that happened during this period.

There are many other fascinating aspects about the history of Mauryan Empire that very few know about. I strongly feel that every Indian should know something at least about Chandragupta Maurya and his great empire which helped in shaping what we know as the country – India.


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