Turning Points in the History of East India Company!

The first things that come to your mind when you hear the words “East India” are the eastern states of India. So, East Indian Company would probably be a company that is set up in east India. But that is not the truth. Only if you have read about the History of East India Company will you come to know that it is something totally different. There are some really interesting facts about the East India Company History that many would be unaware about. For example, did you know that it was casually called as John Company. It was initially set up for initiating trade activities with East Indies. But for some reason, the company ended up doing trade with India. On 31st December 1600, the company got a Royal charter by Queen Elizabeth. What started off as trade relations, slowly became a nightmare for India. Almost like offering someone your finger who ride on your back later! The company slowly started ruling large parts of the Indian subcontinent.



One of the most important aspects about the British East India Company history is the fact that India fell under the British Raj after the company grew in power. It was in the year 1757 that the company took total control over India. It had its own army and administrative units. Slowly it introduced severe taxation to loot India. Since India was a rich country in terms of spices and cotton, it became a major attraction for colonisation. We can say that the history of East India company ended with India’s colonisation. The fight for freedom began in the form of several revolts by prominent leaders. When the atrocities of the company started increasing over time, there was 1857 uprising. Unfortunately for India though, after the revolt the company rule ended but the country became an official colony of England. So we can say that the history of British East India Company plays a vital role in India’s history as a whole.


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