Sikh History Reflects Their Generous Attitude Towards Humanity

We are exposed to all kinds of information on the internet. There are so many sources online that we are almost experiencing information overloading. With the advent of social media platforms like face book twitter etc, information is bombarded when you are on the go as well. Very few of us take the effort to verify what we are consuming which could be dangerous sometimes. Media houses are only looking at how to capture the imagination of the readers and feed in information flavoured with entertainment. Same is the case with students or researchers who are looking up on the internet about various topics.  I know many friends who are doing their research in the field of Indian history and all of them have complained about the lack of authentic sources. I myself have been doing some research about Sikh History and feel extremely sad to find out that there are very few authentic websites which talk about Sikh empire.


I, like other researcher friends of mine, would suggest reading books on Sikh history rather than searching for it on the internet. The problem with finding facts about Sikh Empire on the internet is that you will rarely find complete information. Only bits and pieces about Sikh Empire history is available on different websites. Browsing over hundreds of websites talking about Sikh history is not only time consuming, but at the end of it, you also have to join the dots and create your own story. When it comes to the usual events that occurred in Indian history, you will easily find a lot of information, but that’s not the case about Sikh Empire history.

Many historians believe that the Sikh Empire has seen a lot of brave leaders and influencers in the past which is not known to the world. The Sikh Empire has also issued various coins under the regime of their famous leaders. It is only when you go into the depth of Sikh history; you will understand how they fought the mughals and how bravely they tried their best to protect their community. Even today the Sikhs are known to be very affectionate and helpful through their charity works at gurudwaras. It’s really interesting to read about the history of Sikh Empire and learn what influenced them to become such a generous community.


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