Types of Colonial Coins of India to look for as a Collector

India was one of the richest countries in the world before East India Company started getting involved in trade activities with the locals here. Since cotton and spices were found in large quantities in our country, foreign lands started eyeing the subcontinent. Even though it all started off as a friendly trade relation, colonizing India was their main objective. Many brave freedom fighters came together during the great 1857 uprising. Sadly, soon after the uprising, India completely became colonized under the British Regime. High taxation and various other kinds of extortion were imposed for looting our land royally.colonial-coins

When India was under the colonial rule, several Colonial Coins were minted under the regime of different English emperors. There are many collectors who have keen interest in collecting antique coins of India which were issued in this era.  Most of the colonial coins of India featured the bust of the kings or queens who ruled England. From Queen Victoria to George VI, these antique coins of India will take you back in those days. Apart from British India coins, many other kinds of colonial coins were issued by the Dutch East India Company, French East India Company etc. For Administrative purposes, the East India Company had divided India into three presidencies – Madras Presidency, Bombay presidency and Bengal Presidency. Various kinds of antique coins of India were also issued by these administrative powers.

So if you are thinking of starting a collection of colonial coins, there is a lot to explore. These antique coins of India were minted in Gold, Silver and Bronze as well. If you were to consider the Indo-Portuguese coins alone, there is a sea of colonial coins that were issued; from antique coins of India issued under Alponso VI (1611) to Maria (1859).    The Danish East India company also produced many interesting colonial coins that collectors are in love with.

So if you think India is all about its ancient coins, then you are wrong! Antique coins of India also include some exciting colonial coins that very few know about.


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