Facts about History of Madras Presidency that Very Few Know!

When you look back in history, there are many mysteries that very few might know about. Only when you take the effort to unfold it, would to be fascinated by how rich Indian history is. When India was under the British regime, three different presidencies were created. This was a tactic to improve administration processes. The three presidencies were called Bombay presidency, Madras presidency and Bengal presidency. The Madras Presidency covered most of south India. Different kinds of Madras presidency notes and coins were issued which were local and acceptable only in the same territory. If you start researching about the history of Madras presidency, you will discover many more interesting facts that you might have never read about earlier. Many of us might know that Tamil Nadu, some parts of Orissa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana and Lakshadweep were a part of Madras Presidency. But did you know that the Island of Ceylon was also a part of it?


The city of Madraspatanam was bought by the East India Company in 1639; Fort St. George was established in 1640 which preceded the Madras Presidency. William Gyfford was its first president. Many factories belonged to the company since early 1600s. The Agency became a presidency in 1652. According to the Pitts India Act in 1785, Madras became the three presidencies of East India Company and India officially came under the British Raj. After this, the head of the region was the Governor and not the President. During this entire century, the company had made many successful inroads. Most of this expansion took place in the last quarter of the 18th century.

History of Madras presidency has mostly remained in the shadows as the syllabus in schools is not that elaborate. As an Indian, I believe that it is very important to know these important aspects of history that defined our nation.


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