The Role of Luck While Collecting Old Indian Coins

Luck is something that follows you if you are lucky enough. Who is going to win the next lottery is a question that nobody can answer exactly right. Same is the case when you are crazy about collecting old Indian coins. You never know when you are going to find that dream coin you always wanted to. The best way to buy a good chunk of Indian Old Coins is by visiting a chor bazaar. There is one such market in every major city which sells antique artefacts, I am sure. Just like you find old furniture or clothes in second hand, you might find someone selling old Indian coins in a corner.old-india-coins-gupta-empire

Many vendors like these don’t even know the real worth of the old Indian coins that they are selling. You can end up with a good bargain. If you are a numismatist and understand coins, then you might find a coin which is actually very valuable. It is not just about the money aspect. Numismatics is far beyond that. There is a general misconception that people who invests in Indian old coins to make huge profits after a few years are considered to be numismatists as well. This is completely wrong. They are simply investors or dealers who deal with the exchange of old Indian coins only and only to make money. Numismatists on the other hand take efforts to study about the coins that they have in their collection. They also solve mysteries hidden in history through the study of old Indian coins.

It is completely a different feeling to own an interesting old coin of India accidently. Some find them when they are cleaning their closets, others when they take a close look at their own change in their wallets. The feeling can be equated to the feeling of a child when he or she receives a gift absolutely unexpectedly. So look around, you might get lucky soon!


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