Vijayanagara Empire History: Something That Every Indian Should Know About!

When we talk about Indian history, there are many aspects that will make us feel proud. I believe that each Indian on earth should have a fair idea about these glorious moments from our past. These moments, in a way, defined our country. They are going to define our future as well. As we start adopting technology and continue the race for grabbing the “most developed country” spot, there is a fear that we might soon start forgetting about our historical achievements. From ancient times to British India period, India was ruled by several famous kings and emperors and the Vijayanagara Empire is one of those great empires. To know at least the basics of Vijayanagara empire history is not a necessity but is our duty as a citizen of India.


Kids today are only spending time on social media and getting influenced by the western cultures. Youngsters are always looking at ways to leave the country and settle down in Europe, USA or the UAE for that matter. I bet that if you ask any youngster about Vijayanagara Empire, they would be absolutely clueless. Nobody would know that the Vijayanagara kingdom was one of the richest kingdoms. If you take a look at the Vijayanagara empire history, you would realise that they were looted at the end. All the beautiful temples built by them were broken down as well.

Who were the ones who were responsible for this merciless act? Well, for that you will have to start doing your research and reading about the Vijayanagara empire. Unless you start somewhere, you are not going to get anywhere. So now is the right time, pick up some books about Vijayanagara Empire History, read a few articles on the internet about Vijayanagara kingdom and start upgrading your knowledge right away!


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  1. I am not Indian and I have never been able to afford to visit other countries (except Canada while on the job) but I totally agree with you on each item you have spoken of here. People should know as much about the history of their own country both the good and the bad. I know that here in the States a huge amount of people know almost nothing about events in our history and they know basically nothing about the geography of our or anyone else’s countries either. I tis pathetic how little people actually learn in school anymore.


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