Collecting Stamps of India: The Best Way For a Middle Class Guy to Travel Across the Country Virtually!

When you belong to a middle class family and are living just to earn your salary and keep your family happy, there is very little chance that you will travel around. You would always be at home attending to your daily chores. Your day would probably begin by preparing yourself for office. You would spend your day at office and by the time you are home, it is time to sleep maybe. Yes, all of it is boring but at the same time you can’t avoid it either. What about weekends? Well, weekend is when you can breathe a bit peacefully, away from all that mayhem. In this whole process what happens is that you start living inside a small box. You don’t know what is happening around you. One find day, you will die contemplating why you did not explore things when you were young. Indian stamps have always tried to portray various aspects about our beautiful country. By indulging in a hobby of collecting stamps of India you will get to know many fascinating aspects which you will not otherwise come to know.indian-stamps

Start collecting Indian stamps by maintaining various themes. There is so much to explore that this hobby will keep you engaged for all your life. Stamps of India were also issued before independence during the British regime. The themes that you can explore include places, monuments, animals, birds, famous personalities, scientists, artists. Freedom fighters and the list goes on and on! The moment you create a collection of Indian stamps you will invariably spend some time trying to read up on whatever is depicted on them. This way, you are unknowingly improving your general knowledge as well. You will also get a chance to make new friends with fellow collectors of Indian stamps.

And the best part is that, since it is a hobby you are not forcefully doing anything, you are only enjoying the entire process.


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