Collecting Old Coin of India, Continuing my Grandfather’s Dream

My mother used to always tell me to keep my closet clean. I never paid attention to her. I never bothered even when it used to get all cluttered and unorganized. One fine day, when I really wanted to wear a favorite shirt of mine, I couldn’t find it. I was getting late and thought of wearing something else on that day. But when I returned home, I decided to clean up my closet. That decision of mine was one of the best ones that I have made in life. Why? Because, out of nowhere I found an old coin of India in one of the drawers! Almost like magic, when you expect the least, something happens. It blowed my mind, it made me curious like never before. I picked the Old Coin of India and showed it to my mother. She smiled. A smile that I had not seen on her face since a very long time! She told me that my grandfather liked collecting old coins Indian and the one I found was from his collection. I kept looking inside the closet. To my surprise, I found an entire box filled with old coin India.old-india-coins-gupta-empire

My grandfather had given it to my mother to keep it safely. My mother had completely forgotten about it. She was never too keen about collecting old coins Indian. As life passed by, she got busy with her daily chores, her own responsibilities of taking care of the family. But there was something about these old coins India that kept me excited. Even in my dreams, I used to think of them, how my grandfather would have found each of those old Indian coins. The next morning itself I decided that I need to do something about it. I never felt like giving it away to someone just for the sake of making some money. Instead, I decided to grow the precious collection of old coins India and start from where my grandfather had left.


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