Interesting Facts about Sayyid Dynasty

Not much is known about some dynasties which have ruled various parts of the Indian Subcontinent. One such dynasty is the Sayyid Dynasty. When we talk about Sayyids history, experts claim that they were the fourth dynasty of Delhi sultanate. Before them there was the Tughlaq dynasty and they were overthrown by the Lodi Dynasty. Basically the Sayyid dynasty reigned from 1414 to 1451. The Sayyids also claimed to be the decedents of Prophet Mohammad. It is not sure as to how much of this is actually true. Timur ended the Delhi Sultanate in 1398 and Sayyids were appointed as the governor of Delhi.


There are certain unknown yet fascinating aspects about Sayyids history that you should be aware about. Once you start your research on Sayyid Dynasty you will learn about Sayyid Khizr Khan who was appointed as the first governor of Delhi. His son Mubarak Shah took on the responsibility in 1421. He had great vision but his own nobles opposed him. There are many such twists and turns that took place in the history of Sayyid Dynasty. The more you start reading up about them, the more you will be surprised and fascinated. One such fact is that the name of mongol ruler was not inscribed on coins that were issued by the Sayyid Dynasty. Instead, they featured inscriptions that were introduced by the earlier Tughlaq sultans, which is why no coins are found in the name of Khizr Khan. If he lived on to see this day, he would probably disappointed to find out that historians and researchers don’t study coins featuring his name like the other rulers of his time.

Being an Indian, each one of us should be keen about learning these unknown historical facts. Not just because you will gain more knowledge, but because you will also understand where our roots are.


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