New Collectors of Antique Coins of India simply want to make Money!

Some things in life become even more beautiful with age. Age represents wisdom of some sort; it carries a rich history along. Today’s generation would not understand the importance of our past as they are always busy in catching up with the latest trends. As time flies, we are adapting ourselves with the modern ways of living. Even cultures and traditions have evolved over time. We are quickly adopting western culture which is sad really. A country like India is known all over the world for its rich past and traditions. If we as Indians are going to forget about them, then how would it propagate? One of the best ways of keeping in touch with our glorious history is by collecting and studying about antique coins of India. Over centuries, various emperors and kings have issued different kinds of Colonial Coins. Each one has its own speciality and character.Colonial Coins

Traditional collectors who are into antique coins of India also research about the history behind them, making it more than just a hobby. But now-a-days the market for Colonial Coins has opened up. This has led to many rich investors buying old coins of India just to make some quick money. The future of philately in India does not look very exciting for me. People are only concerned about buying random antique coins of India and selling them at auctions. Since some Antique Indian Coins have been sold for lakhs of rupees in the recent past, big businessmen are venturing into this area. I feel that we are setting the wrong example for youngsters who are keen on learning about Antique Coins India. If you show them the money, they will simply run after it. Who will want to read up on these old Indian coins and try reviving our rich cultural heritage? Educating young minds is the key here and our only hope to save this hobby!


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