If I was a part of the East India Company History

When you start studying history you are taken to a whole new world. More because they are real events and not fictional in any way! When you are reading a fictional novel, there is a disconnection between you and the story sometimes because somewhere deep down you know that they have not really occurred.

As a kid I was always interested in reading up on East India Company History and India’s struggle to attain independence. I wondered how it would have been to live in a country that is ruled by a foreign nation. Colonisation was very common in those days. In today’s times though, things would have been much more difficult due to strategic borders between countries and strong military bases.


History of east India company is even more interesting because what started off as a friendly trade relation slowly turned in to colonization. Every patriot in those days would have felt the pinch when someone from a foreign land captures your own motherland. In many parts of the country, Indians were also treated as slaves. The end of the east India company history saw the beginning of the British regime. They started imposing high taxes on the farmers and merchants. We were being looted in front of our own eyes. If I was born in those days, I would probably have been a freedom fighter as well. But imagining is one thing and reality is something else. One needs to be really brave for protesting against a mighty opponent like the British. Even the slightest of fears can let you down.

Sometimes I wished I was born back then. I would have met fearless young revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru etc. Though History of British East India Company looks fascinating to us when we read about it from the comfort of our homes, only people who have lived those days would understand what it was like to be suppressed by someone. The 1857 uprising was a result of all that built up anger among Indians to overthrow the British Power and uproot it completely.


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