How I Started Reading about Khiljis Dynasty History

Over a period of several centuries, India has been ruled by various dynasties and Khilji Dynasty is one of them. Khiljis dynasty history is fascinating to learn but nothing much about it is mentioned anywhere in depth. Only popular dynasties are discussed in detail due to which Khiljis dynasty history is sidelined. As citizens of India, I believe that it’s our duty to study and learn in detail about unknown dynasties like the Khaljis dynasty. There are various aspects about Khilji Dynasty that will blow your mind away and unless you take the effort to know more about it, how would you ever enlighten yourself about these amazing facts!

Alauddin Khalji

I always loved history when I was a kid and as started growing up, I got busy in my daily routine. I forgot almost everything that I had learned about history. Two years back, when I was out for an evening walk, I accidentally happened to meet my history teacher. I knew, I had seen her somewhere, but then, only after a while I realised that she was my 8th grade history teacher. I called out to her and gave my regards. She asked me about life in general and walked away. Though it was merely a five minute meeting, it had a fairly lasting impact on my life. I got back home and went to bed thinking of my childhood memories. I suddenly realised how much I loved history. From the very next morning, I took out some old history books from my cupboard and started reading them one by one. I had treasured these books since so many years just because of my love for the subject.

Slowly but steadily, I started reading about one dynasty after the other and increasing my knowledge. Some of it was not taught to me in school. But I went a step further. I was sucked into the world of history and now I finally reached a point when I have started reading interesting facts about Khiljis dynasty history.


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