Coins in India and their significance

History of Coins in India dates back to ancient times. Even the first coins of the world were minted in India. They were not circular like the ones that we find today. They were rectangular in shape and were made of silver of a specific weight. Ancient coins in India belonged to different janapadas. Each one had its own character and identity. Collectors from all around the world are always on the hunt for these ancient coins in India. Some love them because of their historical significance while others consider them for investment purposes. Not just collectors, even dealers and auctioneers are always looking for interesting coins in India since many of them have been auctioned for handsome amounts recently.Coins In India

When you are studying about coins India, always make it a point to learn about its history. This way you will come across several fascinating aspects about events that happened in the past. It is like decoding a mystery or a puzzle. Study of coins in India has led historians towards many important conclusions. Many of which have been clearly mentioned in various books. Since all of them have a timestamp value and depictions of kings or emperors, chronological events can be deciphered easily. Understanding history through coins in India is much better than relying on other sources which are not so dependable.

Apart from ancient coins, several interesting coins in India were minted during the colonial period. It is up to a collector what he or she gets inspired from or what he or she is interested in. Numismatics an ocean out there! The more you get immersed in it, the more you will fall love with coins of India. All you need is some passion, dedication, patience and of course a slight inclination towards understanding history in detail.


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