How much of Mughal Empire History have you explored?

There are many aspects about history that will help you arrive at conclusions. Historians and researchers keep working hard towards revealing these amazing stories that are hidden deep in our past. Just like various other chapters of Indian history, Mughal history is also extremely fascinating to know about. Very few of us know in detail about history of Mughal Empire, which is why it becomes very important to get into the depths. Mughal empire history began with Emperor Babur. Do you know when he came from, whom he defeated to gain power and form an Empire? If no, then this is the right time to start researching. Akbar was one of the greatest kings of the Mughal empire. His secular stand won him loads of love and support from his people. There are many other contradictions and controversies that are generally kept away from the general public. It is only when you start digging deep into the history of Mughals that you will find out about these interesting aspects.


Each emperor in the history of Mughal Empire issued coins during their regime. All types of coins in copper, gold and silver were minted at various mints. Sound evidence of events from the past can be decoded upon the study of coinage from Mughal empire history. Coins issued during the Mughal era featured inscriptions and imagery that will enlighten you. Akbar and Jahangir were known for their creative designs on coins. Some of these coins from the Indian Mughal history were sold for lakhs of rupees in recent auctions. Some say history and numismatics go hand in hand complementing each other to add more value. Numismatists would beg to differ though because all their finds are based on scientific evidences rather than stories.  Doesn’t matter what you want to follow, the bottom line is that you need to know about these defining aspects of Mughal history so that you are more aware as an Indian citizen.


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