Facts about History of Marathas That Everyone Should Know

Everything that you are doing at the moment is a consequence of events from the past. There is always some mystic relation between the present, past and the future. As we keep moving ahead with time, it becomes extremely important to learn various aspects of our history. In fact our very existence is defined by our glorious history. Like various other amazing aspects of Indian history, History of Marathas has played a significant part as well.  When you start getting into the depths of Maratha history, you will realise how brave Maratha warriors were. Many experts and historians believe that they were influential to stop major invasions from Muslim rulers.

Maratha Empire

The most powerful king of Maratha history was Shivaji Maharaj. He not only helped in expanding the Maratha territory, but also took care of his people. The success of an empire is not only dependent on its wealth or its might, but also its happiness quotient. That’s what exactly happened in the history of Maratha. People of the empire loved their king Shivaji Maharaj so much that there was nothing that would stop them. The kingdom flourished and history of Marathas became one of the most important chapters of Indian history.

Shivaji Maharaj

The most popular aspect about Maratha history that people generally are aware about are the warfare techniques. The Maratha battalion were experts in guerrilla warfare using which they captured many forts. Another interesting aspect about Maratha History is the kind of forts that they built during their times. They knew everything about strategic locations when it comes to building forts. Apart from army, Marathas also had a very strong navy. When the European ships and merchants sailed towards the coasts of India, they were met with a lot of resistance from Maratha ships.

The history of Marathas also speaks about interesting coins that were minted by their kings. The most famous ones are shivrai coins which collectors all over the world love collecting even today!


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