Why Studying Coins of India is the best way to understand Indian History

There are certain aspects of every country that help in defining that particular nation. These aspects could be anything from climate, culture, wildlife, history and the list is endless. Coinage is another such aspect that is considered as a blueprint of a country’s history. Coins of India have helped archaeologists and historians decode certain facts that are hidden in the pages of history. Especially when the history of the Indian subcontinent dates back to several centuries, coinage becomes even more important. Ask any historian and they would admit that Indian history has so much to be explored just like ancient Greek history.Coins In India

The only drawback in learning ancient history is the lack of authentic Information sources.  That is where study of ancient coins in India becomes very handy and useful. Why? Because almost every emperor in India issued coins! They featured various motifs and inscriptions that will lead you somewhere or the other. Some issued coins with their own names on them.  Coins of India that was issued during the medieval times also had the year of Issue. What more could you ask for as a historian. Coins India act as the perfect evidence to prove a point in history. Besides that, processes like carbon dating helps in determining the exact age of a coin. With the help of these absolutely correct facts, various events of History can be researched. I think it is at least better than reading history books or relying on a non-reliable source.

The internet is a place where you will find anything and everything. Al of It does not necessarily have to be correct in terms of the facts that they share. That’s the reason why I believe that studying coins of India is a great way to understand various unknown aspects about our country’s history. So don’t think twice, immerse yourself into the world of numismatics.


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