Why Very Few Know About History of Sayyid Dynasty

Intent is something that you need to learn something new. Sadly though, the concept of education in India is not really exciting. It is corrupt at its core because the only reason why the youth educates itself today is to score marks. Good marks will get you admissions in a good college and ultimately it will help you get a good job at the end. In a country where engineering, medicine and management are always preferred, subjects like history are somewhere lost in transit. Same was the case with me. Since I belong to a middleclass family, I was asked to take up science and engineering even though I had a lot of interest in history. But somewhere deep down, my love for history stays fresh in my heart. I had already read a lot about Mughals and Marathas but one fine day I was introduced to Sayyids history. After coming back from work, I read an article about Sayyid Dynasty in the internet and instantly I was hooked on to it.


Many friends and members of my family ask me why I read so much about history. I don’t have one particular answer to this question. My topic of interest keeps changing with time. Currently, I am interested in Sayyid Dynasty. There are so many unknown aspects about their rulers and events that you will be really amazed. Only if you know your history, you will know how your country was shaped. People of today’s generation are absolutely indifferent about things that are happening around them. They simply want to live their lives and care less about our history and culture. I strongly believe that history of Sayyid Dynasty should be taught in detail even in schools. At least they will have comprehensive knowledge of these important aspects early on. As children grow up, the chances of them learning about these topics becomes even less. So hit the internet or the library to learn about some wonderful stories related to Sayyids.


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