History of Kushan Empire is Fascinating and Everyone Should Know about it!

This very moment is governed by a series of events and happenings from the past. As we keep living the moment, we naturally tend to not put any thought on our rich history. Our culture and traditions have been talked about all over the world and Kushan Empire has been a part of those discussions everywhere. Not many would know in detail about these amazing facts of history of Kushan Empire. As we keep moving ahead with time, it is very important to understand our history so that we stay rooted. One of the major reasons why people of today’s generations don’t like history is because they think that the topic is boring. There is a need for making history more interesting for kids. Textbooks have an old and boring way of explaining events in history. The education system itself needs to be revamped so that the youth is attracted. Apart from that, nowhere in school textbooks would you find information about history of Kushan Empire, which was actually a defining chapter in shaping our country.

Kushan Empire History

To learn in detail about a particular empire, one should start with the chronology of events and emperors who were a part of that empire. What are the chances though that our education system would change in the near future? Teachers of schools should take that responsibility of going beyond textbooks and teaching these important aspects of kushan empire history to their students. Apart from that, parents should also make it a point that they start encouraging kids to pursue history more passionately. The sorry state today is that children are merely learning to get good marks and then start earning good money. This very attitude towards education is a corrupt idea which needs to be changed before moving ahead. Apart from Kushan Empire history, there are several other interesting aspects about our past which we as Indians need to know about.


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