Why Collectors Love Coins Of India?

We use currency so frequently in our lives that we do not put much thought on it. Before currency was introduced, barter system was used for transactions. For example an x amount of rice was exchanged for an x amount of milk. There was a need to introduce some kind of standard in transactions which led to the invention of currency. Coins of India were used since ancient times. In fact, coins in India were one of the earliest coins ever produced. They were rectangular in shape and were made of silver. They had certain common symbols. Its net value was equal to the weight of the metal. Rati seeds were used to measure weight in those days. Circular coins of India were issued by various kings of the ancient world. Collectors from all over the world are crazy about coins in India because of their historical value.  Coins In India

Each coin has a story behind it which talks about the king or ruler who issued them. Through the study of coins, one can understand various aspects of History in an interesting way. The term given to the study of coins is Numismatics and people who pursue numismatics are called numismatists. If you look at collectors from all over the world, Indian Coin has been extremely popular and has been sold for a good amount at various auctions. It is a great idea to invest in coins of India since their value appreciates considerably over the years. One thing to always keep in mind when it comes to collecting coins India is that you should always look for rarer coins. To know which coins are rare, you should also be aware of the history behind that coin. If you don’t have enough knowledge about coins in India then you might end up paying extra for a particular coin.



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