The Great Vijayanagara Empire – Chapters that Defined Our History!

Most things come and go, but there are other things that stay and make a mark. History is also defined by chapters which actually have shaped our present today. One such chapter is that of the Vijayanagara Empire or vijayanagara kingdom. Many historians believe that vijayanagara empire history was marked by a golden era of great administration and even better socio-economic progress. It flourished under the regime of able and noted kings. Administration is the key to the development of any state. Vijayanagara kingdom saw the best kings who took care of their people, ensuring growth in every possible aspect. At one point in time it was undoubtedly one of the richest states in the Indian subcontinent. Growing wealth and prosperity was one of the major reasons for continuous invasions and attacks by surrounding territories. Vijayanagara empire history is also famous for its coinage. Coin collectors and numismatists all over the world are crazy about coins minted during this era.

Vijayanagara Empire was known from many other important aspects like architecture. Some of the most beautiful temples in India were made in the Vijaayanagra kingdom. The temples at Hampi in Karnataka are a part of World Heritage Site today. Art and literature was given a lot of importance. The kingdom was not only wealthy in terms of money, but also in terms of overall social development, knowledge and wellbeing. Sanskrit and Carnatic music was given a lot of importance which gave birth to several talented musicians and scholars on this land. Hinduism was one of the unifying factors of the Vijayanagra Kingdom. After being established in 1336, the Kingdom was finally captured by the Sultanates of Bijapur and Golconda in around 1642. Mysore remained a princely state until independence in 1947. Krisshnadeva raya was one of the strongest kings of the kingdom which existed for more than 300 years. Rama Deva Raya nad Venkata III were the last rulers of Vijayanagra.

There are many more interesting facts to explore if you get into the depths of Vijayanagara Empire History.


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